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Beginning obedience

(Dogs 16 weeks or older)

We work on basic manners

that you use in your every day life.

This class runs for six weeks

 a hour a week.

 The cost for this class is $90.00



        Intermediate class

in this class we will be doing many differnt things.

learning to move to heal position.

some things from rally and many other things.

This class runs an hour a week for six weeks

The cost is $90.00



Canine Good Citizen

All dogs who pass the 10 step C.G.C test

 will receive a certificate from the

 American Kennel Club

We also help prepare you for your therapy dog test.

This class runs six weeks an hour a week.

The cost for this class is $90.00

(that includes your Canine good citizen test)

 I also offer just the test

for dogs who are ready and only need to take the test





In this

class you and your dog will get familiar

with the agility equipment

and also run a course.

This class runs six weeks

for a hour a week.

The cost is $90.00

If you have taken agility at k-9connection

 and want to do a drop in for a class

 the cost is $20.00 for one evening session

if class is not full.


Please contact us for availability





In this class we will be going to difernt places around town and learning to move over, around and through difernt things. We will also be walking as a pack to differnt places.



Mix things up

IN this class we will be trying to do somethig differnt every

2 weeks.

(from tricks to obsticals to pack walks)



Obstical class

In this class we will be working the dogs on differnt obstacles

 working on strength and balance

Teaching them to maneuver on and through differnt types of surfaces.




This class is designed to give your dog a workout

in a low impact way.

It helps them work muscles they would not normaly work.





In this class your dog will learn to find differnt oil scents.




in this class we will do dance moves

as well as tricks




 To schedule a class or

Doggie day care call

Marlene Hunt

(517) 712-8875

Charlotte, MI.


All class sizes are limited.

All dogs are required to have proof of shot record



A special thank you to Lisa Brady

for coming out and taking all our photos