K-9 connection: Where you can connect with your dog

Marlene is a graduate from

animal behavior college and an approved






trainYour Pet with Us
training your dog alone can be a difficult experience. 
 k-9 connection is highly trained and certified. 
We make your dog’s comfort and safety our top priority. 
Who we are                                            
                                                                       Lacey is 10 years old . 
                                                                       She loves agility.
                                                                      she has passed her
                                                                  canine good citizens test
                                                                  and her therapy dog test.

 k-9 connection is your one-stop location for all your pet training needs.

 k-9 connection provides top-of-the-line training services for your very special best friend.


Located just outside of Charlotte, you’ll find everything you need to enhance the quality of life for you and your pet.

  A well trained pet means a happy owner.   




Neisha is one of our trainers she spends her

days and nights working with dogs.

Dixie is 11 years old she has passed her canine good citizen test

and her Therapy dog test.



We would like to welcome Jade to our family.

 She is a fast learner and people really enjoy her.

Buster is her dog who has been training with us for quite sometime.